Better Than Before Book Summaries

Hello there! My name is Rahul. I am an avid reader. I read many Self Improvement, Business and Psychology Books. These books help us in becoming better than before. So I constantly improve by reading these books.

As you may already know that reading is important for every person in this world. It expands the horizon of our thinking. I wish everyone had a habit of reading. But due to the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we fail to secure time for reading regularly. Therefore I am here with a solution to this problem.

Better Than Before will help you in finishing huge books within minutes. You will find the summaries of best self-improvement books here. These summaries will be written in the form of long essays so that every aspect of the book is covered. I will try to add a book every week.

So feel free to read the summaries and become better than before!

Business Book Summaries

People who are engaged in business and people who wish to start a new business, both can benefit from business book summaries. These book summaries mostly have studies and examples of real businesses. A deep analysis of what worked and what did not work in these examples help us in making better decisions regarding our business.

You can generate new ideas and strategies by reading these summaries and make your business and business ideas better than before!

Psychology Book Summaries

Psychology Books help in analyzing your mind at the micro level. How do we respond to certain situations? Why do we respond in that way? And how can we improve those responses to make ourselves better than before is covered in Psychology Books?

Self Help Book Summaries

As the name suggests, Self Help books are written with the intention of helping and motivating its readers through instructions. You can deal with your personal problems more efficiently after reading them.