Pareto’s Principle, the 80/20 rule occurs again and again in many Self-help and Business books. If you have read my previous posts – ‘The One Thing Book Summary‘ and ‘The 4 Hour Work Week Summary‘ then you must have seen the principle there also. Therefore this post is completely dedicated to Pareto’s 80/20 rule with 51 examples so that the readers can understand the rule more clearly.

So what is 80/20 rule?

80/20 rule simply says that 80% of the results come from only 20% of our efforts. Therefore we should focus more on the 20% efforts because they have the leveraging power on our 80% results. Here are the examples of Pareto’s principle. Read them and relate to yourself and try to focus on the 20% inputs which can give you the 80% outcome.

What is 80-20 rule?

What is 80-20 rule? Pareto Principle with 51 Examples

  1. 80% of business comes from 20% of customers.
  2. 80% of wealth is owned by 20% of people.
  3. 80% of errors were eliminated by Microsoft when they fixed their 20% bugs.
  4. 80%  of impact comes from a 20% of habits and exercises on a sports person.
  5. 80% of injuries are caused by 20% of hazards.
  6. Self-help and business books have 20% ideas and 80% the elaboration of those ideas.
  7. 80% of likes on social media comes from 20% of your friends.
  8. 20% of social media platforms give 80% exposure to your content.
  9. 80% of your chats are done with 20% of your messenger contacts.
  10. 80% of the SMS’s in your inbox are coming from 20% of the SMS senders.
  11. 80% of your emails subscriptions are useless, 20% have value.
  12. 80% of your emails are from spammers, 20 % are from real subscriptions
  13. 80% of a product’s quality can be improved by using 20% ingredient’s quality.
  14. 80% of the healthcare money is used by 20% of patients.
  15. 80% of infection of a disease is spread by 20% of infected patients.
  16. 80% of crimes are committed by 20% of the criminals.
  17. 80% of the time is spent on worrying whereas 20% is spent on actually doing the work.
  18. Cell phones take 20% of the time to charge and 80% the time to discharge.
  19. 80% time is wasted while using your cell phone, only 20% time is spent on real use.
  20. 80% of the photos on your cell phone is a wastage of storage, you may want to preserve only 20% of them.
  21. 80% of health can be improved by changing 20% of eating habits.
  22. 20% people are real investors whereas the rest 80% are speculators.
  23. 80% of profit comes from 20% of the investment.
  24. 80% of the total sale comes from 20% of the products.
  25. 80% of the total sale comes from 20% of the salesforce.
  26. 20% customers become prospects, 80% remains suspects. (read about SPANCO theory)
  27. 20% of prospects become real customers, 80% remains prospects. (SPANCO theory again!)
  28. 80% of complaints come from 20% of customers.
  29. 80% of traffic comes from 20% content of a website.
  30. 80% of social shares are 20% of social posts.
  31. 20% students have the potential of scoring 80% marks in the examination.
  32. 80% times you wear 20% of your clothes.
  33. 20% of the things in your house are used 80% of times. Rest of the 80% are used rarely 20% of the times.
  34. 80% of the food’s taste is depended on 20% of ingredients.
  35. 80% of a building above the ground is depended upon 20% of the foundation below the ground.
  36. 80% of all attention is enjoyed by 20% celebrities.
  37. 80% of the power is enjoyed by 20% of the politicians.
  38. 80% times, a teacher struggles with 20% of his students.
  39. 80% of your web surfing is on 20% of websites.
  40. 80% of our vocabulary is formed of 20% of the words in our language.
  41. 80% of your expenses are made on 20% of bills.
  42. 80% of the stock comes from 20% suppliers.
  43. 80% stock space is covered by 20% products.
  44. 20% work consumes 80% of the time.
  45. 80% of the traffic occurs at 20% of the time.
  46. 80% of the tasks are done by 20% tools in a toolbox.
  47. 80% times only 20% of your friends will prove to be useful.
  48. 80% of the real news is in 20% of the newspaper.
  49. 80% of fights occur due to 20% of your or your partner’s bad habits.
  50. 80% times you listen to 20% songs in your music library.
  51. 80% times you use 20% of your phone’s features.

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