Business Book Summaries

People who are engaged in business and people who wish to start a new business, both can benefit from business book summaries. These book summaries mostly have studies and examples of real businesses. A deep analysis of what worked and what did not work in these examples help us in making better decisions regarding our business.

You can generate new ideas and strategies by reading these summaries and make your business and business ideas better than before!

Here are the Business Book Summaries which I have written and also hundreds of Business Book Summaries from all over the Internet.


The Five Market Must-Haves from Choose by Ryan Levesque

This is the summary of a book with quite a long subtitle, it is called Choose: The Single Most Important Decision Before Starting Your Business. It is written by Ryan Levesque. The book revolves around Information Technology (specifically the internet) based...

The Millionaire Fastlane Summary ?

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco is a get rich quick book but getting rich quick doesn't mean getting rich easy. So while reading this summary, do not expect quick tricks and tips to become a millionaire easily. The lane to become a millionaire is a...

Zero to One Summary

What does it mean to go from Zero to One? Doing something which you already know how takes the world from "1 to n" but creating something new takes the world from "0 to 1". So adding the feature of "Stories" (like Snapchat) in Instagram was like going from...

Blue Ocean Strategy Summary

Most people think that if you want success in business then you need to beat the competition in the market. To beat the competition, you are required to fight with the existing players in the market so that you can snatch the piece of market share which is in their...

Out of many differences between a very successful person and an average person is reading. Almost all the super successful business tycoons read more than an average person. Reading a lot of books expand the horizons of their minds so much that they succeed in almost everything they do. Bill Gates reads 50 books per year, Mark Cuban reads three hours a day, Mark Zuckerberg reads a book every two weeks. The fact is undeniable that reading can take you places. So how many books do you read?

Now forget all the genres and let us focus on only one genre now- Business. If we cannot devour all kinds of books like those billionaires then shouldn’t we at least read Business books? Business books tell us about many successful and unsuccessful businesses. They tell us many different theories and philosophies which worked and failed in the business world. If we read them then we can help ourselves financially. I believe finance is the most important aspect of our lives because if you have money then you can have almost everything in your life.

Reading business books help you in generating new ideas, they help you acquire new business skills, they keep you updated on trends in business and they do everything which can help you grow your business. You may say that you do not want to be a businessman then why should you read business books? Then I would like to tell you that when I say business books then I am talking about all the books which even teaches you entrepreneurship, investing, personal finance, every book which talks about money and your financial success. Being entrepreneurial and financially smart always helps, no matter whether you are an employee, self-employed, investor or even a housewife. Even after knowing all this we do not read business books! Why?

If we had the habits of the millionaires we talked about in the beginning, then we ourselves would have been millionaires. We simply do not have reading habits.We prefer instant gratification over long-term happiness. We simply are procrastinators.But no matter what we are, we should not miss the plethora of wisdom available in those books. If we cannot read the whole books then we should at least know what is there inside those books. Therefore we should read the summaries of business books.

But again, there is nothing like free breakfast. People know the value of summaries of business books. Since the people who write those summaries have also read those business books, therefore they are smart enough to capitalize the knowledge they have. So when you search for summaries of business books then many times you reach websites which let you read the summaries only if you pay them. There are other problems too like sometimes their website is so bad that it is nearly impossible to find what we are looking for.After observing this problem I decided to do something about it. Therefore I came up with this page as a solution.

This page on which you are right now is a completely democratic page. As not all the websites which have summaries of business books are premium, therefore I have started to find all such websites. Since all summaries do not appear in Google search results, sometimes we miss some great business book summaries. So what I did is that, whenever I find a good business book summary, I post the link to that summary here on this page. You will find some great summaries handpicked by me here. All these summaries are from the sites which are completely free. So feel free to read them.

This page can also help you in one more way. You can just browse around this page and you may end up finding a great summary of some book which did not know even existed. Now with the help of this page, you can be a  procrastinator and a reader at the same time.

But before you leave I would like to give an important advice to you. It is not enough to rely only on the summaries of great books. Reading summaries is just a substitute for what you lack- the reading habit. I suggest you inculcate the habit of reading. If you cannot read long books then you can read short articles. Follow some good blogs, great websites which can help you in opening up your mind. If you cannot befriend a big book then your friend can become your small companion. Remember, most of the successful people are readers and most of the average people are non-readers. So, start small and build this habit to join the league of intellectuals.