Hey there! Wassup?

So you want to know what we do, right? Let me tell you. we create images, especially for Pinterest!

Okay! So why should I care about it?

Well, if you are a blogger or a seller, then the images on your page can be leveraged to bring a great amount of traffic to your site from Pinterest.

Really? But what is so special about this Pinterest?

Ohh! So you don’t know about the power of Pinterest? Okay, let us tell you. Pinterest currently has 175 million monthly active users. Even if you get 1% of that traffic then we are sure that your site will royally crash. That is the potential of Pinterest. If you are absent there then you are missing a huge opportunity. We have seen that we get visitors to our site even through posts which were posted months ago. This is not the case with any other social media platform currently.

Okay! But would that traffic be relevant?

Unless you don’t want the traffic from the USA then the traffic is surely relevant to you.

How can you make sure that the traffic will be from the US?

Because 75 million of those 175 million active monthly users are from USA.

But I don’t know how Pinterest works 🙁

You do not have to worry about that. Before starting to give these services, we were already a bunch of Pinterest enthusiasts. We have spent a huge amount of time in researching and experimenting with Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest is the main source of traffic for our site. We will create images for you and we will even help you with proper SEO of those images.

Are there any other benefits of Pinterest?

It is a known fact that if your image gets popular on Pinterest then it will help you in ranking high in search engine results. It is so because, in the vocabulary of Pinterest, a popular image is the one which gets pinned more and more. And every time your image gets pinned, it sends a link back to your site. 

It doesn’t only help your website to rank high on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but also helps your images rank on the top of the image search results page on search engines like Google. Some of our images are ranking on the top just because of Pinterest.

Ya! But why are you talking about all this on a website with book summaries?

Because we did not want to just talk. We wanted to show our customers that we have done some great work in this area. Currently, we are getting around 5k views on Pinterest just with around 10 images. These images are based on the summaries we have written on our website. 

By being successful with this website, we have shown that you can succeed with Pinterest, no matter what your niche is.

Can I see your Pinterest channel?

Ya sure! Why not? Just click on the image below.

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